Pelmeni – Russian version of Tortelini

There is nothing more cozy on a cold December day than a bowl of hot soup. To me, even cozier is a bowl of Pelmeni (or Dushbere in Azerbaijan, except back home we serve it as a soup, with the water). These are pieces of heaven (ok fine, dough) stuffed with a delicious meat mixture,… Continue reading Pelmeni – Russian version of Tortelini

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Borscht with Homemade Beef Broth.

Soups in general and borscht specifically is not my favorite thing to eat. I grew up eating my fair share of it, but never really viewed it as OH SO GOOD. But it is, don’t get me wrong. It’s a quintessential Russian (depends on who you ask, of course) soup. Done the right way, it… Continue reading Borscht with Homemade Beef Broth.