Saturday night

My husband and I are “homebodies”…well, he is more of a homebody than I am. For example, tonight we got home at about 830pm, after work (he works at the mall, running his own place and as a good and dutiful wife, I help out sometimes). Don’t get me wrong, I would loooove to go out…but alas…we sat on the couch…i made him eggs with tomatoes (yes, an Azeri snack staple), snacked on some interesting stuff myself…and now I am doing this. At this point it’s 11:16 pm and we are probably going to go to bed pretty soon here. SOOOOO EXCITING. It’s not…but I will tell you what is, WHAT I SNACKED ON.

I found this Gem at the local grocery store

Mediterranean dipping olive oil

it’s dipping olive oil…i was super excited. They had a few flavors: a Sicilian one with peppers, just plain one and this Mediterranean one. It tastes quite good, I was pleasantly surprised. I just shake it up a bit so the herbs can rise and fall into my plate. I love when you go to a restaurant and they give you bread and oil to dip. I even tried making my own at home, but never could get the right flavor. This works great as a snack. Even my husband liked it and he is not into this “fancy” (as he calls it) stuff. I just had it with some store-bought sliced ciabatta bread (note: we do not like American bread, the texture is too soft, never ate it growing up here, never will. I mostly buy ciabatta or make my own. More on that later).

So this was the excitement of my night. Now I am happily sitting on the couch, eating a Granny Smith Apple. Off to bed soon.


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