Some background: I am Maryam, born in Baku, Azerbaijan (look it up here:, currently living in Connecticut with my husband, while the rest of my family is back in the state of Washington. I am a looong way from home, but that’s ok!

I read somewhere that one of the things you absolutely “must” do in your twenties is start a blog. I was anti blog ever since the notion came around. However, I love writing. And I love cooking. And I love sarcasm. SO, I decided to combine the three. How? you ask. Well, the main subject of this blog will be my cooking, what works, what didn’t  why it didn’t (most likely human error by yours truly).
I am also newly married, moved all the way to the East Coast from the beautiful Seattle, so lots of awkwardness and hilariousness ensues on daily basis. My husband does and says pretty funny things. I am no better. I am a generally good cook (so I say), but I am no Julia Child (thank God for that!), hence there are some pretty funny “fails”. So bear with me, questions are welcome and comments are also (you can be mean, go ahead). Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “So…

  1. Hi! I found your blog in a search for Azeri pastry recipes ! I enjoy your blog and am hoping to create Shekerbura for my friend’s bday in a few weeks!
    I’m not sure how they’ll turn out but I saw some recipes in your comment section on paxlava… I was going to make that but it seems very difficult…
    Ps: if I don’t have the tweezer tool to make the intentions on the Shekerbura, what could I use instead ?
    Thank you!

    • That’s a good question…That’s one of the reasons I dont make Shekerbura, because I dont have a tool here in the US. I guess you could use regular tweezers bought especially for that purpose:)

      • Thanks for your reply and the advice.. I may try a tweezer of sorts or else just leave them smooth without decoration and cover in powdered sugar:)
        Thanks again and your blog is lovely.
        Have a nice weekend,

  2. PS I forgot to ask if you have a recipe for Shor gogal that you can recommend? My friend loves them and since my Shekerbura cookies came out great, I figured I would try this too! Thanks so much!

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