Doing the dishes

My husband is a great guy…He is also pretty funny and clueless when it comes to all things cooking,cleaning and Home related. So…

It was a Friday…I was pretty tired. Called my husband at lunch to just chat…he was planning on staying home all day. So as a joke, in passing, I said “how about you do all those dishes in the sink?”…not expecting him to follow through with it.

I get home 3 hours later…and voila, my husband is doing the dishes…all by himself. And he has a smile on his face. I felt so thankful, that I bid him to stop and let me finish. He said his “no no, it’s OK, I am almost done”…but he gave in, and left a few glasses behind. After i was done finishing the project, i went up to him and noticed that his hands are all pruney, like he was taking a very long bath…so I asked “how long have you been doing the dishes for” to which he said “an hour or so…why how long does it take you?”….please note that it’s just the two of us and I do the dishes daily…we did not have a huge party the day before, so there wasn’t a giant pile of dishes to wash….Hence I was a little shocked to his response and said “Less than an hour honey”…as lovingly as I could.

Needless to say, he has not done the dishes ever since. And we lived happily every after (so I hope).


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