EasyPeasy Tiramisu

I love Tiramisu…from the store, from an Italian restaurant; you really cannot go wrong with this delicious desert. But the sucker is expensive…cost ya up to $15 if you get it from a store. Add insult to injury, my local grocery store doesn’t really carry this.

I’ve never made Tiramisu at home, but my step mom  has a very long time ago. From what I could remember, it was no big deal to make it, pretty easy and fast. But just to refresh my memory, I started looking up recipes and OMG. There were WAAAAAY too many steps and techniques. All I wanted was a piece of Tiramisu. Was that too much to ask for? So I decided to just go for it, and I did. I remembered what my step mom had used, and combined it with the recipe I was able to find online. It took me 7 ingredients and 30 minutes and I was done. The hard part was to wait overnight to eat it: D

EasyPeasy Tiramisu


2 Packages of Lady Fingers (or if you cannot find, any long Italian cookies would do just fine)

1 12 OZ tub of Mascarpone cheese

4 cups of freshly brewed coffee

¼ cup chocolate liquor

1 egg

½ cup of sugar

Cocoa powder to sprinkle at the end


1) Brew the coffee, when cooled add the chocolate liquor and mix.

2) Dip each of the cookies into the coffee mixture, and lay them side by side in a deep long pan (I used a large glass roasting pan)

4) Meanwhile, beat the Mascarpone with one egg and ½ cup of sugar until well combined

5) Spread the Mascarpone mixture on top of the layered cookies. Top with another layer of coffee dipped cookies

One Layer

One Layer

6) Spread the top layer with Mascarpone, and sift cocoa on top of it. Place in the refrigerator overnight. (This is done for the cream and coffee to be absorbed by the cookies, leaving the whole thing soft and spongy)

Finished product

Finished product

You should really wait overnight for all the flavors to be absorbed. I know it might be easier said than done!!